How to Survive High School: The First Day

You finally made it – high school. And chances are, you’re feeling nervous, excited, and, let’s admit it, pretty scared! It’s ok, breathe, you got this! And if you’re looking for tips on how to kick your Freshman Year off right and keep it that way, this video is right what you need!

In fact, your first year of high school is the best time to step out of your comfort zone because nobody is comfortable. That dude you see high-fiving everyone in the hallway between classes may seem like he has his stuff together, but he is probably overcompensating for his insecurity. If you hear a conversation you can chime in on, speak up! But there are many other things you better pay attention to.

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Go to orientation 0:22
Learn your schedule 1:00
Don’t go crazy with the school supplies 1:24
Get a planner 1:51
Learn your teachers’ names 2:25
Sit upfront 2:42
Ask questions 3:24
Talk to your classmates 3:46
Choose electives wisely 4:16
Don’t be afraid to ask for a schedule change 4:41
Structure your time when you’re not in school 5:10
Don’t let a bad day or week turn into a bad semester 5:40
Remember, grades aren’t everything 6:06
Keep a private journal 6:36
Don’t document everything on social media 7:10
Make some goals 7:43
Don’t fall into Freshman mentality 8:11

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- Most schools have an Orientation Day for incoming freshies. Don’t make it worse by annoying the teacher on the first day because you showed up late after getting lost.
- If you learn your schedule, you’ll know how early or late your lunch period is, and plan accordingly.
- Your teachers will let you know exactly what you’re going to need for each class on Day 1.
- Here’s one school supply you’ll want to have on hand right away. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a simple notebook with a calendar will do.
- Unless your class has specific assigned seats, try to sit near the front. Be particularly diligent about this tip if it’s a subject you struggle with.
- Chances are this is the first time you’ll have an opportunity to choose from classes that interest you, so do just that!
- Make sure you not only include time for after-school activities and homework but also time to relax, hang out with friends, and catch up on your favorite shows!
- A lousy grade on a test or an argument with a friend can really weigh on you, even if you refuse to think that it will. What’s important here is to not let those negative feelings spiral out of control.
- If you have a choice between getting extra credit that you don’t even need and going to a show with some friends, go out with your pals!
- Taking 5 minutes at the end of each day to jot down your thoughts, feelings, and the stuff you did will help you slow it all down just enough to keep you focused on your experiences along the way.
- Bad days or great days, it can be tempting to put it all out there as you’re feeling it. But when it comes to posting it all online, use some discretion.
- Take a moment to ask yourself what you want out of your first year of high school.
- Freshman year is the easiest it’s going to get. Know this ahead of time, and you’ll be glad you worked so hard to beef up your GPA early on!

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