DIY Dollar Tree Bathroom Glam Mirror Shelves 💎 Home Decor EASY Organizing Idea 2018

I made another home decor project using Dollar Tree materials. This time I made a gorgeous glam shelf with a lot of bling. You could remake this project to fit your style of home decor. I love the way this looks and for those that have been asking about our RV. We are currently at this moment still living in our little tiny home. However ... we will be moving soon. I plan on doing an update video and sharing our experience with everyone. Thank You so much for your love support! You all means so much to me! God Bless!

Materials used
2- canvases
2- 8x10 mirrors
2 small square mirrors
2- long plates
2- rolling pins
4 brackets
bling wrap / diamond wrap
mod podge
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If you're looking for craft supplies such as bling wrap, gems etc. I made a page to share products I often use on Amazon. Everything is on one page to make your experience a little easier. I'll be happy to add anything you're looking for.

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