How to Make a Headboard | Head boards are a nice addition to any bedroom. They add style and flare and most importantly allow you to enjoy some reading or TV watching in a more comfortable fashion.

This project will help you make a full queen size headboard. You'll need one piece of plywood that has been cut into 56 by 29 inches and 3 pieces which are 29 by 18 ¾ of an inch each. In addition you'll need one two by four that has been cut in half so each is 44 inches long. You'll need one inch foam and quilt batting, enough to cover the three pieces of plywood that are cut to cover those 29 by 18 ¾ inch boards. You'll also need 2 ½ yards of fabric. You'll cut that to cover all of the boards with an extra 4 inches for folding. That will give you a 33 by 22 inch measurement. For hardware, you'll need a staple gun, staples, a tape measure, a button cover kit, one inch and two inch screws, a hand drill with a screw gun attachment, glue gun, and if you want to adhere this to the wall you'll need cleat brackets. We're making legs for our head board so we can slide it into the bed frame. First you are going to cover each board in foam. You'll lay the foam on top and then you'll lay the batting on top of that. Then you are going to wrap the entire thing in another layer of batting. Staple the back and do this three times. Cover each board in fabric and stable the back. Make sure you make nice tidy corners. Take your three boards and lay them side by side face down. Then take your large 56 by 29 inch piece of plywood and place on top. Using one inch screws attach your large plywood board to the three boards. After securing the plywood to the fabric rectangles take your 44 inch two by fours and attach these twos as posts. You will need two inch screws. Take some extra fabric and cover your buttons. To place your fabric buttons measure the distance from the top of the headband and then side to side. Once you've marked six areas two on each board. Staple into the fabric to create the tufted. Then you'll hot glue your button into place. And now your headboard is complete.

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