6 10′ Epoxy Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit for the DIYer How to Video

Visit https://www.appliedtechnologies.com/products/concrete-crack-foundation/epoxy-concrete-foundation-and-crack-repair-kits/ to purchase our kit.

Instructions for Applied Technologies' 6-10' Epoxy Crack Repair Kit. Applied Technologies puts professional grade epoxy concrete foundation crack repair materials in a kit for the DIY user. This kit uses A-Tech 212 LV, a high quality, low viscosity epoxy resin that meets ASTM C-881 "Standard Specification for Epoxy-Resin-Base Bonding Systems for Concrete." This video shows how to perform a repair on a single crack in a concrete foundation. After the A-Tech 212 LV cures the basement crack will be sealed against water. A-Tech 212 LV is stronger than the concrete in both compressive and tensile strength. We have kits for larger size repair projects too.