MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro Fan Cleaning Super Easy

How to clean the fan assembly in a MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro.
You need to clean the fan/s in your computers especially laptops at least once a year or the CPU and Graphics card can overheat and cause major slowdowns or even cause the CPU or Graphics card to burn up.
PER Ace A Ace: "I called the MSI customer service and that warranty you're talking about is for transportation only. Also for the customer convenience (when the laptop was ordered online) to make sure nobody was tampering with it before it reached final customer. You can brake it without any consequences. "

Tools Used:
- #01 Phillips screwdriver.
- Acid brush or tooth brush.

Consumables Used:
- Large Napkin.
- Can of computer air. *** Note: Some of these cans contain
HIGHLY FLAMABLE propellants in them, so ALWAYS turn your
computer or laptop off, unplug them and remove the battery before using them.

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