DIY Music Reactive "Rings of Saturn" LED Pendant Light (controlled by Arduino) || How to Make

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This video shows how to make an LED pendant light from plywood, LED strips, and flexible LED channel. Since I designed this for my living room, the music reactive / sound reactive mode had to be incognito. With this in mind, I used warm white / cool white / amber LED strips, instead of RGB strips. In solid white mode, the rings give off various shades of white for a sophisticated modern look that hides the wild side when you switch the light to music visualizer mode.

The build is fairly simple. Each of the two rings is made of a stack of three plywood rings, where the middle ring has a lesser radius to create a groove for the LEDs. The rings are simple to cut using a circle cutting jig and router. While I programmed an Arduino Mega to do music visualization based on input from a microphone, you can very easily buy an off-the-shelf music controller for individually controllable LEDs, which is basically plug n’ play for the LED strips.

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Flexible LED Channel:

Walnut Plywood:

Circle Cutting Jig:

Dewalt Router:

Suspension Light kit:

- GOOD PRE-MADE LED MUSIC CONTROLLERS (if you don't want to mess with Arduino): or

- Another LED Music Controller with Remote and power supply:

Use the above controllers with one of the following types of LED Strips:

- individually controllable warm white / cool white / amber (WWA) LED strips:

- individually controllable RGB LED strip:

Links to LED Parts I used for the build:

SK6812 WWA Individually Controllable LED strips :

Arduino Mega Clone:

Electret Microphone:

RF receiver and remote:

RZ dust mask:

Very crude code for this project is here:


• Dustsealed DSLR:
• Wide Angle Lens (15-30mm f/2.8):
• 35mm f /2.0 lens:
• Cheap, but AWESOME 50mm lens:
• 100m f/2.8 Macro lens:
• Go Pro Hero 6:
• Smartphone Gimbal: