✅ You will not waste Cardboard after watching this .Powder Room Ottoman made with CARDBORD.

Cardboard ottoman /Footstool made with cardboard boxes.
I used Lot of cardboard boxes and sheets -Double layered-To achieve a 20cm height.
Multi-purpose PVC Glue-Non toxic
Parcel tape -water proof
Foam -Fire resistant
Hot glue on low setting
Staple gun -Long pins
Crushed velvet Fabric (Stretchy)
Options Leather fabric/PVC Backed fabric/Fire resistant Upholstery fabric

Twisted silk cord -Gold /Red
Fibre filling
Upholstery Lining Fabric For the bottom.
It took three days to complete the project .It needs to dry the glue completely before upholstering it.Thank you for stopping by.SUBSCRIBE and Thumps up .