Dip a Lemon in Baking Soda, and the Result Will Amaze You!

It’s not a joke – half a lemon dipped in baking soda works wonders! Watch the video to find out several more curious and quite unusual lemon + soda benefits!
Lemon trees, which can grow as tall as 20 feet, are very fertile: they harvest all the year round and can produce more than 600 pounds of lemons a year! There is a shark named in honor of lemons - the lemon shark - all because of its yellowish color.

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Cleaning the whole house 6:13
Shoe polish 6:31
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More interesting facts about lemons 7:12

- It is true that lemon and baking soda have an antioxidant effect and alkalizing properties. But many specialists are doubtful that the combination of these products will be able to cure cancer or prevent it completely.
- However, studies have shown that lemon juice, for example, is a very effective means of fighting against carcinogenic cells. It reduces oxidative stress in your whole body, therefore, lowering the risk of cancer.
- Baking soda, in turn, is known for its ability to regulate pH levels. It means that it can counteract the acidity your body accumulates which is one of the main reasons of cancer. This disease tends to thrive in the acidic environment. Baking soda also detoxifies the body and heals it from the exposure to radiation and oxidative damage.
- It can assist you in the process of weight loss. There is enough evidence that the drink provides better endurance and more energy during workouts.
- Lemon with baking soda will provide cleansing for your body. Lemon, in particular, is a diuretic. It stimulates your body to urinate - therefore the excess of water, salts, toxins, and fats is expelled.
- This combination can also be used for dental care. Be careful - its abrasive qualities may harm the teeth if you try to use this mixture for whitening them.
- Lemon combined with baking soda improves digestion. It works as a perfect antacid reducing bloating, heartburn, cramping, and other symptoms of indigestion.
- Lemon baking soda drink prevents the negative effect free radicals have on your body. The result? It is very beneficial for your skin as it can slow down the signs of aging, surprise your skin with a healthy glow, and reduce the speed at which wrinkles appear.

What other uses for lemons do you now? Share them with us in the comments below.

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