A paper plate fan/fan made of paper plates/ KIDS DIY/Easy arts and Crafts for children ages 3 6

In this video, We'll show you how to make a super easy fan made of paper plates. This craft is applicable for ages 3-6. Kids at 3, let them just paint or color the plates. The teacher has to do the rest. Ages 4-6, they can do it by themselves. At this age, even until 6 years old, instructions are just too much for the kids. Let the kids watch the teacher. Class more than ten students, just use one plate and that's with a T.A. A Class less than ten students, use two plates as shown.

There are new vocabulary words for them as well. Those are the names of the materials we used in this video.

This might be crappy for other peoples eyes, but what important is, we share what we have, we help whos in need, we do arts and crafts not to impress