Developing a new material for 3D printing from (ABS and PLA )You can print it without buying it!!!!

Developing a new matirial (PLA reinforced carbon fiber _ ABS )that can be 3d printed from home without buying it!!!!

3D printing is a great tool to bring our imagination to reality.
The family of Dream big like that tool and always in it's way to develop new creative ways to utilize those functions .

creativity creativity creativity
we insistent a lot on this word because this what make our company brilliant.
studying mechanical enginireeing and physics
my general objectives are :
do what I do in speeding love and happiness around the world
make people believe in what they can offer to the community
try to make my country surpass the economical difficulties that it is facing .

3d printing is becoming more and more useful if we can utilize this technology to the good of humanity I will not hesitate so help me and join my community
never forget " Dream big you can fly "