KMS 81 ~ Easy Resin Pour for Beginners

This is a pretty simple design for beginner resin artists. If you've educated yourself on the basics (Resin prep., How to tint your resin, etc.) and just want to make something as a starting point to get you going. I hope you find something helpful here. Please enjoy and make sure you Subscribe, and click on the bell for notifications when the videos come out.

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Pro Marine 2 part Epoxy table top resin:
*White Fasco Epoxy Resin Pigment:
Rezin Arte - "Puppy Love" resin pigment:
Rezin Arte - "Surf's Up" resin pigment:
Rezin Arte - "Golden Dragon" resin pigment:

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DISCLAIMER: Working with resin is not for everyone. Some people can have serious reactions. Do your research on any given product, and before you proceed take all safety and health precautions. Wear gloves, wear a respirator.