Etching Brass for Beginnners:Miss Kate Shows the Way Using B'sue Raw Brass Blanks

Etching raw brass blanks is fun and easy when Miss Kate shows you how! B'sue opens the workshop at to her pal, Kate Mulligan of Mulligan Stew Jewelry (and a member of the B'sue Boutiques Design Team) so that she can teach you a fun, easy and SAFE way to work with Ferric Chloride to achieve a perfect etch on brass. All steps are covered; remember that while we've presented all our 'evidence' to you, you'll have to do the work and your results may differ. Remember to use the etchant in a 70-72 degree room for best results; remember to wear gloves and watch for splashes. Though we did not wear goggles in the video, it couldn't hurt. For disposal of etchant please refer to the MSDS certificate (easy to google it, MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet) for the product you use, we used Ferric Chloride from MG Chemicals. The only metal etched in this video was raw brass blanks from where we have a veritable boatload of styles and types that will work. We used blanks 22-24 gauge but thicker gauge blanks will also work, they will probably just take a little longer to etch. Most US made blanks are 22 and 24 gauge; we use and sell American made brass stampings. If you are a jewelry maker---and you can be a complete novice!---why not join us at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook? All types of jewelry makers are invited. And thank you for your patronage of our website at where we sell the best in American-made brass stampings and mixed media products.