Introducing the Brieftons QuickDry Salad Spinner Easy Dry Crisp Salad Everytime! - Wash, dry, store and serve your salad, all with one easy to use, convenient appliance!

The Brieftons QuickDry Salad Spinner lets you dry your salad quickly and easily. Simply put washed salad leaves into the basket, close the lid, push the knob repeatedly, and let the salad spinner work its magic to remove water from the leaves. The continuous turns of the basket in the same direction allow the salad spinner to achieve a higher velocity than most other salad spinners, resulting in dry, crisp salad leaves.

This is the perfect tool for drying salads, herbs, vegetables, berries, etc quickly and easily. The salad spinner can be operated by one hand, or both hands. Simply push on the knob repeatedly to spin the basket and dry your greens. Centrifugal force will direct the water outwards and down the sides of the bowl, pooling in the base for easy disposal. There is a convenient brake button to quickly stop the spinning cycle. The non-slip ring at the bottom of the bowl keeps the salad spinner steady on the countertop. When not in use, the knob can be locked down for compact storage. What's more, the basket doubles as a colander, and the bowl doubles as a serving container.

Let the Brieftons QuickDry salad spinner take the hard work out of drying your greens, and put the fun back into cooking again!