How To Clean Quartz Countertops Streak Free with Quartz Renew™ Cleaner

To keep your #quartz #countertops looking their best, use Quartz Renew™ Cleaner! It’s a streak-free cleaner safe for everyday use to remove smudges, fingerprint marks, and grease stains. Purchase your Quartz Renew Cleaner today!

Have you ever had to replace a quartz countertop for something that happened on the job, during transportation or, worse, for something that was out of your control?

It’s an all too common dilemma today, costing shops thousands of dollars each year.

From seam polishing to scratch removal, fixing acetone burns and suction cup marks, Quartz Renew™ was developed to help the professional fabricator and restoration company save time and money over replacement.

The Quartz Renew™ system offers 4 different products designed to address any challenge you may have with a quartz countertop.

Quartz Renew™ Diamond Resin pads are a 50 to 1500 grit set designed for superior results in edge polishing, seam polishing, deep scratch removal or any severe damage to the surface. T

he Quartz Renew™ Resin pads provide excellent results quickly, for face polishing, from grinding to a glass finish.

For less severe damage, the Quartz Renew™ 4 step diamond felt pads also provide excellent results for face polishing. From A-frame marks, to light scratching, the 4 step system will remove the damage and get you ready for the final phase.

The Quartz Renew™ Polish! Our 3 step polish system is designed to blend to a factory finish, after having removed more severe damage with diamond polishing. The polish will also remove light damage, such as acetone burns, light scuff marks, sealer removal, stubborn stains, etc, without the use of diamond pads.

And finally, for everyday use, the Quartz Renew™ Cleaner is a streak-free cleaner safe for everyday use and a great means of supplying your customers long after the installation.

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