DK premium discrete breather & Arlen Ness Inverted air filter installation

I purchased both of these items from DK Custom Products and, as has been said elsewhere on the internet, the instructions leave a little bit to be desired (among other shortcomings, no pictures of parts or assembly illustrations). Additionally, to muddy the waters a little more, my package came missing some components (which DK promptly sent me, along with a couple apology goodies). The reason I am posting this video, and the reason it is so long, is that I could not find any YouTube video to help me with the lacking instructions and assist guiding me through this installation. Therefore, I took some extra time to itemize all of the parts in these kits (when installing the DK Premium Discrete Breather, you use a hybrid of parts from both products, which can be confusing). There are some other potential issues with this installation regarding the supplied parts that I worked through and shared, which will hopefully be of help.

Bike: 2015 Harley Ultra Limited
Air Filter: Arlen Ness Inverted
Breather kit: DK Premium Discrete Breather