How To Clean & Shine Hunter Boots With Olive Oil

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If you own a pair of Hunter rain boots, there are two things I can say with certainty.

The first thing is that you love them. The second, is that over time, your Hunter boots get covered with a white patchy film.

The truth is that once in a while your boots need a little TLC. Before you run out and grab the most expensive rubber cleaner, read this first. I have a better idea.

Today I will show you how to clean and shine your Hunter boots with something you already have in your kitchen—olive oil.

Wait, what?

Yup, olive oils is the perfect cleaner (and shiner) for your Hunter boots. Here are three reason why:

1. olive oil is an all-natural ingredient
2. it’s also something you’re already likely to have
3. it’s budget friendly
4. it’s quick and easy to use
5. It’s an all-in-one “product”

So let’s put olive oil to the test and see how well it cleans my own Hunter boots.

What You Will Need To Clean Your Hunter Boots

All you need are these three things. First, you’ll need your Hunter boots. Obviously.

Second, you’ll need olive oil (or any other liquid vegetable oil). Third you’ll need some paper towels. That’s it.

How To Clean Your Boots

It’s super easy! Here is how it’s done.

Dab some olive oil onto a paper towel. Take the paper towel and start workign the oil onto the surface of the boot. With circular buffing motions, go over the entire surface of the boot. Make sure to work the oil into every crack and crevis. Repeat on the second boot.

Take a clean paper towel and go over both boots with a buffing motion. This will help take off any excess oil.

And you’re done.

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