I FAILED!!! (Resin Infusion)

So a little different video to explain to everyone that not everything always goes as planned with composites. In my Videos everything might seem pretty easy and with a 100% succes-rate. But even I or the biggest professionals go through a process of failure and trial and error to get everything right! Don't let your head down if something goes wrong and keep trying till you achieve the perfect results you were looking for!

This is a resin infusion (also called VARTM) that went wrong. Everything went perfect till the moment I had to close down the resin in side. While clamping down the tube, the cup moved, causing the resin feed to gasp air. Air went into the part before I was able to close the valve. Resulting in a massive air gasp through the part, making this a part with a lot of pinhole (airbubbles) and unsaturated parts.

We all learn from our mistakes, thats why I make more resin now (instead of being a cheap ass and play on the limit calculations) Resin gets pretty cheap if you are talking about the difference of a succesfull part or faillure when you count all the hours you've put into preparing a resin infusion.

that being said: I'm not ashamed of making mistakes and sharing them with people. Im not a robot, but a human as well who makes mistakes!