Origami ideas for beginners

Origami is such a simple paper craft yet so impressive to look at. It is the art of taking a piece of 2D paper and turning it into a 3D sculpture or a colorful object. Since we appreciate this amazing form of art, we wanted to share with you some amazing ways to make your own origami creations for fun.

One of the origami sculptures in this video is the kinetic circle. Not only is it simple, but it is also addictive to play with. Firstly you take a piece of colorful square paper (in this instance we chose yellow). You fold it in half diagonally two times, and the horizontally and vertically. Then, you take the side of the paper which you folded diagonally and you push the edges of the little triangles that are forming on the inside of the paper to create that small flat pyramid. You take the edges of the pyramid triangle and your fold all 4 of them in the middle. You repeat the same process 8 more times using the origami paper of your choice. We chose yellow and purple since they are opposite colors and they will make a great kinetic combination, but you can choose what color you like best. Finally, you link the triangles as we show you in the video until you create a circle and can start moving it from the inside out to create that kaleidoscope paper effect.

We have another amazing kinetic origami creation that you will love, especially if you like fidget spinners. Firstly you take some square blue origami paper and fold it in half from both edges diagonally. Then, you fold it in the middle horizontally and vertically. After that, you place it on your surface and fold the two edges in from the outside towards the middle, and then the whole origami in half. Then you bend the bottom of the paper towards the opposite side and fold it back again. You repeat the same process 8 more times so that you'll end up with 8 of these pieces. Feel free to use any color paper you like. Then you link the papers together as we demonstrate in the tutorial and secure them in place. Then you pull each side to close the circle complete and voila, you have a perfect spinning origami star.

In addition to the origami hacks we created, we also have an amazing way to pass your time and make your very own silly spring using posted notes. You first lay down all your favorite colorful posted notes. Then you take one of each and stick them on top of each other. Make sure you always place the sticky side on the opposite direction the previous one was to make it an effective string. For example, if the glue of your posted note is on the right, glue your next posted note on the left side, and repeat the same process with all of them. Finally, once you are finished place it on your desk, lift the top paper off of your creation and place it on a lower height and watch it all beautifully springing all the way down showcasing all its rainbow colors.

Another amazing origami creation we have is a flower Origami, and you will absolutely love this tutorial since we show you all the step by step instructions. We also have an amazing way to make your own origami butterflies decorate your bedroom with and an amazing way to make a water lily tutorial for your desk. Furthermore, we have different ways to make origami stars to decorate your classroom or living room during the holidays and beautiful paper crafts for your walls that will look like colorful 3D paintings.
0:13 - Kinetic Origami
0:52 - Fidget Spinner Origami Tutorial
1:29 - Silly spring Origami
2:15 - Origami Butterfly
2:47 - Waterlily
3:20 - How to make an origami frog
4:11 - Papercrafts
4:17 - 3D wallflower
4:51 - Origami paper bag star
5:25 - Floral start origami
6:16 - Origami Flower tutorial
6:50 - Origami rose tutorial
7:37 - Amazing origami decoration

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