Achieving Higher Performance with Batt Insulation, Roxul

I'm insulating my friends garage using rockwool insulation, Roxul. He is making the space more energy efficient because he uses his garage as a workshop. I'm showing the average DIY homeowner tricks and tips to making a batt insulation work up to its rated performance. All batts, fiberglass, rockwool, cotton, etc. suffer from the same difficulties. They are not air-tight on their own. So the batts must be installed into an air-tight cavity. This is achieved by tight air sealing and attention to details.

Roxul, or rockwool, batts are best cut with a cheap kitchen knife, such as a bread-knife, with a serrated edge. I picked one up at Wal-Mart for a dollar. I will show you other how-to details in this guide.

The sheathing material is inexpensive 7/16 inch OSB

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