Make It Secret Compartment Box

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It's a very simple concept, but it takes a lot of patience to make everything work properly. I didn't bother to show 95% of the "fit" process because that would make for a very long, very boring video. Lightly sand, check, repeat... its very time-consuming.

The sides are Walnut, the rest is Cherry, the key is Purple Heart. For the hinge, I used brass rod and the finish is shown in great detail in one of my other videos (link below).

—Marking Gauge -
—Titebond Glue -
—Glue Bottle -
—CA Glue -
—Forstner Drill Bits -
—Flocker -
—Epoxy -
—Briwax -

Shop Equipment
—Saw Stop -
—Band Saw -
—Rockler Stuff -
—Lathe -
—X Carve CNC -

Audio Video Things & Stuff
—Camera -
—Tripod -
—Lights -
—Microphone -
—Tripod -
—Adapter -
—Pop Shield -
—Computer -

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