How To Make Rusty Hinges

A quick video showing how to get real rust to form on hinges (or other metal objects) to get an old, weathered look. I made these for a coffin I'm working on. The technique shown here is pretty simple and will give a good, light overall patina of rust that will continue to spread and thicken over time. If you wish to halt the process with just a light rusting, or want to stop it after a few months of continued rusting just coat the hinge with mineral oil, or coat it with a matte clear coat. Be sure whatever metal you use will rust. Some, like stainless steel or aluminum will not rust and will need to be painted to look rusty or have a product like Brutal Rust applied. No harsh chemicals are used in this process, but still be careful and wear rubber gloves, work in a ventilated area, and follow all safety precautions on the labels.

Music - Sam Haynes/Mischief Night