FAKE vs. REAL! LOL Surprise Dolls with Real Hair! L.O.L. #Hairgoals Makeover Series 5

Sue is back with another LOL Surprise unboxing. This time it's the adorable Hairgoals edition, cute LOL dolls with real hair you can brush and style! To make sure you never buy a fake LOL instead of the real one, Sue unboxes both to show you the difference. She'll show you not one but two fake LOL Surprises! One of the fakes is similar to the real one, while the second one is way off!

A real Hairgoals Surprise Doll should contain 15 whole surprises, including: a magic mirror; a secret message; a sticker set; hair curlers; a comb; a bottle; a fashion accessory; a mystery disguise; an outfit; a pair of shoes; and the doll herself. There's a surprise under each layer of the packaging.

Note that the real LOL Doll never comes in a box. And the fake doll only has 7 surprises instead of 15. The packaging doesn't have a special "zipper'' to open it or the proper logos. The head and the body of the fake doll come separately and their color often differs. The overall appearance isn't that nice.

Sue and Sam really hope that this guide will help you to always buy a real LOL Doll and enjoy its every detail. They come in a single style and are really cute! Check out yourself 10:20

And don't miss our bonus fake LOL Doll unboxing 11:29

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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