201 pretty cool diy pvc projects

This video is a collection of 201 PVC projects I found on the internet I thought were pretty cool and worth sharing to help inspire other DIYers.
I like making stuff. I have been making stuff and posting videos on YouTube for over ten years and have close to 700 videos. About 200 of the videos are
DIY projects. I always get a kick out of making stuff that people have not made before but when it comes to PVC that is pretty hard as so many people have used PVC for just about everything. As Brad at BCTruck likes to say, " Is there nothing PVC can't do?" Ha.
I am working right now on a little fishing project with PVC I think is original and am looking forward to posting it soon. I think if you check out my playlist of DIY
videos you will find a few projects you might like. Also, nearly all of the people I feature on my channel have posted a few videos using PVC. Check out
65Ford and BCTruck and even Marty Zoffinger have made some fishing gear with PVC you might like. Chef Buch who I also feature has not yet made any DIY PVC project videos as his preferred medium is cauliflower which tastes much better.
If the photos go by too quick you can slow the video down by clicking on the wheel icon below the video and accessing the speed controls. Also, if you do not like the music please send me a link to a 7-minute song everyone on YouTube will like and I will be happy to use it next time. I can wait while you go look for it.

if you want to know more about any of the photos you can locate where they are on the web by taking a snapshot of the photo and saving it to your
computer and then using google search to find the photo for you and it will locate the website where it was originally from and you can find out more info on how to make the item. It seems to works for me anyway.
Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you are inspired to go make something and share it.

Robb Moffett
Robb's Homemade Life

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