Review Clean Republic Electric Bike Kit 250 Watt 24 Volt Hill Topper, Lithium Battery Included - Clean Republic Electric Bike Kit - 250 Watt 24 Volt Hill Topper, Lithium Battery Included
SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Convert Your Regular Bike into an Electric Powered Bike 5 min after opening the box. ALL PARTS INCLUDED: Kit contains a 24 volt lithium ebike battery, charger, e motorized wheel, tire & cable set. No additional tools or skill needed except a wrench. LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: The lightest e-bicycle kit on the market. Pedal like a normal bike when power assist is not being used. DURABLE & LONG LASTING: Sturdy & weather proof design guaranteed by a 1 year extensive warranty. CUT YOUR COMMUTE TIME BY 25% (and feel like you have super powers) with 250 watts of extra power at the touch of a button. Ebike throttle kit included (class 2 ebike). JOYFUL & HEALTHY: Puts a smile on your face & flattens out hills, while making daily exercise so much fun. 24v means you still need to pedal on hills. Upgrade to 36v to pedal less. CHOICE OF 2 BATTERIES: Choose a 12 mile or 20 mile lithium-ion battery (range estimation conditions: 170lb rider, flat terrain, battery power only, no pedaling) FITS MOST BIKE WHEEL SIZES: 20”, 24'', 26'', 29” and 700c available (To determine which one fits your bike, find the same number on the side of your bike tire) FITS MOST BIKES: Compatible with 95% of the bikes in the US. To confirm fitting, measure the space between the tips of the front fork of your bike. It should be appx. 100 millimeters (4 inches). Disc-brake compatible HELP FROM E-BIKE EXPERTS: 100% US Based technical support from our team of mechanics and engineers here in Seattle, WA. EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: Read our reviews on Amazon & Trust Pilot. HAND BUILT IN SEATTLE: Your ebike wheel is built by hand to your specifications at our small shop in Seattle, WA, USA. Will ship in 2-4 days.