Too many DJ’s neglect this...

Knowing where to mix in and out is a daunting task for beginner DJ’s, but once you understand song structure, mixing in and out anywhere, will come to you as a breeze.

The secret is to know how a song works, and to understand it's structure and parts so that you can discern a patter within all songs and better figure out where to mix in and out ;)


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So let’s talk about EDM song structure.

For most EDM songs, they have intros, choruses and outros that number between 32 to 96 beats.

Now, once we reach the end of an intro, there is usually a breakdown, and the song really begins, after the breakdown, there will be a build up, followed by the first chorus.

When the chorus ends another breakdown begins, which is followed up by another a build up and then a 2nd chorus and then finally an outro.

So one way to mix EDM songs cleanly is to transition at the first chorus’s breakdown, with the 2nd songs intro’s breakdown. You have to trigger the next song right at the start of the current songs chorus so that when the chorus ends, the next song begins.

So how do we make sure that they start and end on beat, since intros and choruses have beats that are either 32, 64 and or even 128.

Well first you have to know how many beats the 1st songs chorus has. It’s different for every song.

Now, for this song, the whole chorus is 64 beats, and I determined that by counting how many it has.

So that means that we have to mix in our next song with a 64 beat intro.

But what happens if our next song doesn’t have an intro of that length?

We then have to count backwards 64 beats before the song really begins. Once we do that, we then mark that section on the 2nd song.

To make this process easier I use a feature called beat jump and I simply jump back 64 beats from the intros break down.

So when we reach the 1st songs chorus, we start mixing in the 2nd song right at that moment and since we know that the chorus has 64 beats and our intro has 64 beats, they will end and begin at the breakdown.

Now you’re not limited to just mixing during the first chorus. You can mix in during the 2nd chorus or even during the outro, just make sure to consider the audience and how they’re feeling the song. From experience, people just prefer hearing the first chorus.

But for this tutorials sake, let me demonstrate to you how it’ll work for the 2nd chorus since an outro is right after it. Now this requires proper mixing. But as long as you know the number of beats your intro, and chorus have, mixing shouldn’t be a problem.

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