Cleaning Eheim Pro 4 350 | How to Maintain Canister Filter Clean Up

Cleaning The Eheim Pro 4 + 350 | How to Maintain Canister Filter | Canister Filter Clean Up | Canister Filter Care | How to Clean Canister Filter

Today Mike will show you how to clean a canister filter, the Eheim Pro 4 Plus Canister It is important to maintain your canister filter regularly to ensure optimal performance. By the end of this video you should know how to maintain an Eheim Pro 4+ Canister Filter. For those who have been following our review of the Eheim Pro 4 canisters, this video shows our first filter clean up. Please keep in mind we have multiple form of filtration on all of our aquariums and do not rely solely on the Eheim Professionel 350 filter solely. It is good to have multiple filters in case of emergency or break down.

If you have any other questions on how to clean and maintaining your canister filter, like the Pro 4 maintenance and care tips please leave them down below.

Filter. It has been running for 3 months now. We'll guide you through how to properly clean and maintain your canister filter using aquarium tank water. This ensures we will not lose any beneficial bacteria. Considering the unit has not been serviced in 3 months the Eheim filter media is still not clogged. This is the new series of canister from Eheim and is the Pro 4 350 model. Maintenance on individual canister filters may vary slightly but should be fairly similar to other units.

It is very easy and super simple to disconnect the Eheim Professionel 4 + external canister filters with the push button disconnect. It is very simple to remove the Eheim Pro 4 350 unit from the aquarium fish tank and makes maintenance easy. The unit is fairly easy to transport.

To see our review and other thoughts on the unit check out our other Eheim Pro 4+ canister filter review videos, as well as the canister filter install video.


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