How To Color Epoxy Colored Epoxy Tutorial Using Mica Pigment Powder

There are several ways to color epoxy resin. Full Review, How To Color Epoxy Resin:

We used mica pigment powder to color our Incredible Solutions Epoxy Resin. Coloring epoxy resin is pretty straightforward, but one trick is to mix the epoxy first....then color. This reduces the number of graduated mixing containers necessary as well as time necessary to mix. Mixed epoxy resin cannot sit in a container or you risk an accelerated reaction which causes discoloration, cracking, fish eye, etc. By mixing the epoxy first and then adding colors, you speed up the process, allowing for more colors.

As shown in the video, if the first colors/pattern is not desirable, you can always pour over to achieve the desired effect. We achieved a marble-like epoxy coating with the two coats. Normally, a marble epoxy coating is achieved in a different fashion but this worked out for us.

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