How to Act Around a 10 Controlling Your Nervous Energy Around Women

How to Act Around a 10 - Controlling Your Nervous Energy Around Women

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I feel that it's important that you know how to deal with your nervous energy when you're around women. The number one way to deal with nervousness around women is you feeling entitled to her.

This is the hardest part though, this is something that you can even try to feel entitled until you don't know what entitled feels like and you'll never really know. You got to really feel entitled to know what it feels like. It's an "I don't give a fck" kind of state because if you don't feel like you could replace her, you're going to be nervous.

I would recommend getting a 10-year goal to master something and read the book Mastery by Robert Greene and get on your purpose.

The next way is to focus on your breath when you're around a woman. This relaxes you and makes you feel calmer because noticing the breath forces you to remove your focus from your nervous energy to the breath. This will also give you a natural masculine frame because you're calm and as long as you don't try to be funny and a goofball and you just relax and be mindful around her.

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