Coloring Wood With Shou Sugi Ban and Wood Dye

I pull out my once trusted blow torch to try and do a wood coloring video using a Japanese wood burning technique called Shou Sugi Ban, and then color the wood with a wood dye from Keda Dye.

I hope it helps give some ideas and demonstrates fairly well a new wood finishing technique. Thank you again for watching my videos, and for all your support, and generous likes and comments.

Wood Dye Used was Keda Royal Blue Liquid Dye
The blue dye was mixed into acetone at a ratio of 1 tsp blue dye to 12 ounces of acetone. I let the dye stain rest overnight, due to time constraints. The Douglass Fir wood 2x4 was sanded with 150 grit sandpaper, just like the chipboard and pine was when they were stained.

I really hope this helps someone out, and that it was a good demonstration that will help someone accomplish a Shou Sugi Ban wood burning finish, and possibly a Shou Sugi Ban with wood color finish.

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