How to Zero your AR15 / M4 / M16A2 Platform: Mechanical Zero & the 25m Target

How to Zero you AR15 / M4 Platform: Mechanical Zero & the 25m Target

I have gotten a lot of requests from new shooters who have purchased an AR platform and are wondering how to sight it in, I explain the process that I learned while I was in the Army.

How accurate this procedure? Well the only way to prove this is by splitting playing cards which I have done from 20 feet out to 300 feet away (even left & right handed). The proof is in the pudding.

There are many different types of sights & even different zeroing procedures & targets & procedures, so keep in mind this is NOT an all inclusive class but it will give the basic steps on how to set your AR rig for a condition called "Mechanical Zero" and explain how to use the M16A2 25m Zero target I learned in the U.S. Army. The 25m Zero Target allows the shooter to 'zero' in the sights for that individual shooter so they can effectively engage targets at 300m (and longer). Here is a link to a pdf file of the 25m target you can download...

All information is for education/informational purposes only.

I hope you enjoy this vid and learn how to zero your AR platform.



P.S. Do NOT get hung up on using an M4 25m target or the M16 25m target - they are basically the same but one the boxes or grids are slightly bigger. Heck I have used hand drawn grid paper to zero & it worked fine. Fact remains you still 'walk' your groups in by firing 3 rounds, adjusting your sights & fire again as needed till you get 3 out of 5 rounds in the circle (verify again to make sure).

P.P.S. Also do NOT get wrapped around the axel about the difference in peep sights. The larger aperture is for low light conditions, NBC mask & night vision use. The smaller is normally used for day time. Normally to zero you should use the small but you can zero using the larger one. What is most important is using the correct marksmanship fundamentals = grip, stance/position, breathing, sight alignment/sight picture, trigger pull and follow through. If your consistent then you can shoot with great results. I know some old army buddies that hit targets 250m+ without a front sight post or a rear sight apertures. Some ppl prefer using one over the other but whats important is putting the rounds on target. If you use the small peep or the large & get the job done, then great. However do NOT make this a point of contention, argue on this or other minor details - use what works for you and move on.

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