DIY activated carbon air purifier W/ PRE FILTERS! 2 Stage Bucket Air Filter! dust&odor removal!

My "Five Gallon Bucket" activated carbon "odor extracting" air purifier... now with Pre-Filtering! video shows how i added dust/lint/pollen and pet-dander Pre-Filtering to my latest unit... a 5 Gallon Bucket Activated Carbon "smoke, smog and smell" +odor/fume eliminating Air Filter! with the upgrade you've now got 2 or even 3 stage filtering. (the blue one) is a dust/lint pre-filter, another (the green/black one) is a 3 way odor control dust/lint/pollen and pet-dander pre-filter (electro-statically charged and antimicrobial). even use them both at the same time! no noticeable reduction in airflow. the unit still cranks. and both are washable and reusable! blue one is a 3M cut-to -fit type from lowes ($5.97). the green/black filter is a Dupont 3 way odor control one from walmart (about $9). rope is from harbor freight. *video also includes a 48 second "fast build" of the original unit. here's the link to the original "full build" video. it shows the complete build in detail.