Parents look at raising children in different ways: where mother sees danger, dad has the opportunity to temper the spirit!

Time passes with dad not like with mom. Mom is always reinsured a hundred times before any business, takes the child for a walk only to clean places, puts the child in neat clean clothes and makes sure that the child is not smeared anywhere, feeds the child so that nothing is dirty anywhere, chooses healthy and natural food in the store , re-reading the compositions several times, plays with the child in educational games. But with dad ... you can have fun with him until mom sees!

Dads always indulge children, especially daughters, dad can get smeared on the street even more than a child, dad plays funny games with a child, dad feeds with various sweets - he cannot refuse a child! =) In general, look at the difference yourself.

Of course, this is all humor, and dad can take care of children as well as mom. For a child, father and mother are two very different people. But equally loved!


1:06 With mom and with dad
2:06 Your dad never talks about this
4:07 Hug your loved ones right now!
5:21 Why life is peaceful with mom
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