How to Wash Your Engine At Car Wash💧

Hey what is up family how are you guys doing?🤟 Today you are going to learn how to wash your engine the cheapest and easiest at the car wash or anywhere. Hope you like the video I put a lot of effort because this is what I love doing😂Here is the FREE PDF with all the content check it out. Thank you for being here see you next Tuesday ayayayayayay.

PS. Sorry for my English skills I am still learning ;)

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I would love to post links for all my people that watches me from different countries, but product availability will dramatically vary from country and I would not recommend something that I haven’t even tried. Apologies for the inconvenience family.

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* Economic Version The fact that is a cheaper option it does not means is not good.
*Pros Great Portability lightweight and easy to move around
*No maintenance
*Not capable to clean vehicles with dry dirt such as 18 wheelers or off-road vehicles
*Other I used
The most portatil
Don’t need a generator or electricity to be operated
*Cons Not very powerful they only get 7 out of 10 city vehicles
*Batteries are kind expensive
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Thank you very much to all the people who contributed something with this video. It wouldn’t be the same without the essence of each of you. Thanks again my fellow creators, take care.

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