Pugging Fractals DH how to do "decent" dps

time stamps and logs - note: downtime and precast included
0:00 - 3:37 Skorvold https://dps.report/eX2O-20190820-192126_skor
3:37 - 6:48 Artsariiv https://dps.report/sLPH-20190820-192729_arriv
6:48 - 11:40 Arkk https://dps.report/nWPL-20190820-193246_arkk
11:40 - 13:50 Mama https://dps.report/kLMY-20190820-193713_mama
13:50 - 16:06 Siax https://dps.report/EndK-20190820-194411_siax
16:06 - 19:33 Ensolyss https://dps.report/kwem-20190820-194842_enso

clean runs, apart from the small mistake on enso. its really easy to pull good numbers on DH, just burst when the bars break, and try to help CC with metal rod and bane signet (800 breakbar damage) from those skills alone, and special action on arkk always. I used PI on every fight, 1 piece of assassin gear to crit cap. I usually main power soulbeast on speedy runs so i am sure you can find better DH players but wanted to what's achieveable in pug or casual runs.

- use PI every boss, arguably its better not to use it on arkk. you will need to increase crit chance if so. i think you need 205~ AR to max crit chance without any assassin pieces, i use 190 orso and assassin backpack. with standard 150 AR you will need an assassin amulet + back or ring + accessory. remember you get 10% from burning foes (100% uptime) and 20% from fury. check you have fractal pots on as well.
- use gs5 when multiple adds are nearby for big dps boost
- take wall of reflect on arts; she does a ball attack at the very start but hard to get that if doing anoms, instead you can reflect the TWO ball attacks after the slam - reflecting these deals 100-150k damage which is like two free gs2's.
- use hallowed ground as fire field to blast might on mistlock
- try to metal rod between scepter 2's if breakbar is up.
- use f3 to tank blockable mechanics and get free dps in.
- precast traps before skorv, arkk, and siax. others no need.
- use sword of justice just before boss becomes attackable after phases for free dps
- stand inside boss with gs2 as each projectile it shoots does damage too
- start on scepter everywhere except enso, better burst at start, even on super slow groups still better as you have all the precasted buffs for your biggest burst.