What Is Best Way To Clean Wood Floors

What Is Best Way To Clean Wood Floors

What is best way to clean wood floors? Everybody has a different theory on the best way to clean a wood floor. At ENMAR Hardwood Flooring we always think that less is better.

If you sleep the wood floor, dust mop it, and dry clean it as often as you can to keep the grit off of it then the floor should always look respectful. Every now and again you’re going to have to refresh the floor or clean the wood floor in some fashion and Bona makes great cleaning products.

Use these cleaning products minimally as every cleaning product will build up on the floor over time. Use them only when you have to.

However, if you can keep your wood floors clean by dusting with a dust mop and use virtually no water, your wood floor will last for decades. If you have a spill or something sticky on the floor, use a damp rag to clean it up.

Never soak the floor with water, never saturate it and never leave water standing on the floor and it should out live you.
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