💤LOL Surprise! | Sleeping BeauTwang | Stop Motion Video | Featuring LOL Hair Goals 👑

In this stop motion video, Twang stars as the sleeping princess in this "LOL Surprise" version of Sleeping Beauty. When the evil fairy Malefiwitch is not invited to the Banquet honoring the baby princess, she casts a dark spell on the child. Can anyone save the princess? Watch and find out.

Cast of Characters:
Queen Glamour Queen (HairGoals wave 1)
King Sunny (Boys)
Baby Princess Lil Suite Princess (Eye Spy)
Princess Twang (HairGoals wave 2)
Malefiwitch Witchay Babay (HairGoals wave 1)
Monkey Bhaddie Monkey (Fuzzy Pets wave 1)
Stinky Creature Eau De Splatters (Fuzzy Pets wave 1)
Brave Boy Do-Si-Dude (Boys)
Unicorn as herself (Sparkle Series)
Servant Girl Sleeping B.B. (Confetti Pop)

Good Fairies:
Snow Bunny (HairGoals wave 1)
Sk8er Grrrl (HairGoals wave 1)
Miss Jive (HairGoals wave 1)
Daring Diva (HairGoals wave 1)
Metal Babe (HairGoals wave 2)
Splits (HairGoals wave 2)
Tough Guy (HairGoals wave 2)

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