UPDATE: Hiiii everyone! So this video was really short for the purpose of viewing the products. However, I have longer videos on the gucci outlet and other designer stores on my channel to look at! Thank you so much for watching I can't believe this video has hit 22k views I just never expected that hahaha. It's an old video so I will be doing an update whenever I get the chance. Anyways make sure you subscribe to see more content, like and comment anything you want to see next!

Thank you SO MUCH for watching! Please subscribe, like and comment what you want to see next :)

I've filmed quite a few videos of the Gucci Outlet but this is a video that is only about the products and whats inside the store. I honestly liked the stuff they had except for some pieces that were very old. The people were pretty nice and the store looked like a beautiful boutique! Apparently filming is not allowed, I don't know why (maybe they want people to come in and see the products in person) but I did it for you all!

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btw sorry for taking so long to upload videos, I ended up getting super sick over the break but I'm getting better and I'm gonna edit some Chanel :)