Series#6 Emotions How you choose to Act GUIDED MEDITATION (2019)

Practice Yoga and Meditation anytime, anywhere at your own pace. Designed with Love for all of you. I am dedicated to Yoga & Meditation Practice and Healthy Living. My videos are to teach you to step by step Authentic Yoga Practice, not just the postures, but Meditation to heal your mind, and other Healing methods to live a dis-ease free life. LET'S HAVE FUN. The Treasure is Within You not outside of you.
We cannot improve ourselves without changing ourselves. Forget stability, focus on the ability to change and to change with grace. You will have to make healthier changes to your life regardless if you want to be better. If you have not reached the point in life where you critically evaluate yourself, you will not awaken. If you do not stay curious, you will accept the world as others shape it for you, not the way you truly wish to see it. An increase in pineal activity gives insight and perspective, but you must practice discipline like in martial arts and meditation. Ultimately, this experience will enrich your life to get done what you want from this world.

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* Meditations not suitable for persons with epilepsy or severe mental illness
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