QGIS 3 for Absolute Beginners

This video is a very basic look at QGIS for Absolute Beginners.
At times it is really fast ( I mean it, it is wicked fast), and you will need to pause it to work along with the instructions.

After you watched the video for the first time (don't cheat) you can re-watch it and jump to the sections you want to see again with the links below.

2:31 Start using QGIS, the GUI
3:26 Adding some built in data, navigate the map
4:28 "Science" stuff - Projections and coordinate systems
6:42 Adding OpenStreetMap to your map project
8:25 Save and open projects
9:25 Create your own first data
12:33 Make temporary layers permanent in GeoPackage format
13:20 Style a polygon layer
15:12 Adding a Label to your objects
15:52 Attributes and tables
18:08 Empty project and add your own data
19:04 Make a layer style the default for a data source
20:01 Using "inverted polygons" and style layers
21:48 Adding roads and use "snapping"
24:28 Styling lines
25:52 Adding points to your map
26:45 Styling the points
27:45 Creating a Layout
31:03 Rounding the video off
32:23 Credits

You will not become a "Pro" after this video. It is more likely your first step into the rabbit hole that is GIS.



I have a few more videos on QGIS topics that you may find useful (link further down), and then there's other channels with more content. You can also find good deals on books from time to time and more and more schools and training centers offer QGIS training. You can even get officially certified these days...

If you find that you actually make money from using QGIS you should consider donating or sponsoring the project. Any amount will help. You can also donate your time as a translator, bug catcher (no not that kind of bugs), code developer, teacher, influencer, tango dancer... Wait... What??

You get the software from https://qgis.org
One support forum where you might get help: https://stackexchange.com/
My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/klaskarlsson
Blog in Swedish: https://geosupportsystem.se

And YES! You are allowed to use this video in training and education any way you want (license Creative Commons CC BY). If you use it on YouTube I'll get some small kick-back, and some of that will be used as donations to the QGIS project.

"Klaatu barada nikto"