My EDC Pocket Knife, An INCREDIBLE Little Worker!!! Stanley 10 049

I have every day carried this little knife for over 20 years. I've probably cut about a mile of cardboard, made BOW and Hand Drill sets, made Bamboo Fire Saws, scraped ferro rods a couple of thousand times, cleaned squirrels and fish, cut and skinned copper wires, bored holes, and performed a multitude of other tasks, all, with this humble little pocket knife.
So, I wanted to showcase it in today's video. The multi-task at hand is basically switching back over from using a green bean can for my char tin to a can with a regular fitted lid. The new can is full of a waxy hair dressing product that I don't use, but I didn't want to just waste it. So this is what I had on my mind. I'll use my EDC pocket knife, Stanley 10-049 to help accomplish the following: 1) make Pine shavings and scrape my ferro rod to make a fire. 2) Melt the hair product contents in that fire. 3) Use the knife to cut out a fat lamp stove from a tin can. 4) Cut up some denim for a wick and for patches to char. 5) Try out the fat lamp stove while the denim is charring. 6) Try out the char cloth and identify improvements that need to be made to the char tin.
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Amazon Link to buy a 2 pack of the Stanley 10-049, $18. I couldn't find any sold in singles.

From Office Depot... I just ordered 3 online today 2/4/17 and they are supposed to be here on the 14th. One knife was going to be $8.50 and with shipping $16. So I ordered 3 to get free shipping, $27.57. A GOOD DEAL!!!

Amazon, 10 pack of blades