How to Make Your Own Dice Set | Shotgun Shell Dice

For those of you who asked how to make a mold that gets you all sides of a dice, I present to you Shotgun Shell/Casing Dice!

Sorry for the lack of videos. Holidays and whatnot. I will try and get to a more consistent schedule! So please stick around for more nerdy craft fun.

As I say at the end of this video, they are toootally going to be weighted, but these are mostly for decoration. You could use other material besides... well.. metal, and you would have less of a problem. Pigments, resin dye, etc. those all work great. Even some lighter plastic materials would be fine.

List of materials used:


Dixie cups, pop-sickle sticks, spent shotgun shells, gold paint, pipettes and latex gloves as well.

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