Shaping a Retro Fish Surfboard

This short film is a glimpse into the work of shaping and crafting a surfboard by hand. It requires incredible skill, knowledge, tools, patience, and passion. Sam has been a student of the art for quite some time and takes each step seriously and is meticulous in his approach, as each mistake can mess up the surfboard.

This particular surfboard shape is making its revival in the global surf scene due to its versatility in small to medium sized waves. Sam opens up about the intricacies of shaping a Retro Twin Fish Surfboard and why it is arguably one of the most fun surfboard shapes ever made.

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Shaper: Sam at Bob's Boards

Photography and editing by Sebastiaan Opschoor.
Shot on location in Lagos, Portugal.

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Music: Paper Planes
Copyright: Sebastiaan Opschoor