Making Compost in 30 Days Using Pallet Wood Bins

If you have a backyard garden then you could probably use tons of compost to fill up your beds and supercharge your plants. Here is how to make great compost in 30-45 days with nothing but leaves and grass!

Making The Pallet Compost Bins: I got the pallets for free and screwed them together. Chicken wire attached with horse-shoe nails helps to keep the materials inside the bins while still allowing air flow.

Compost Recipe: 2 parts browns, 1 part greens and make sure that you mulch everything up really small to help it compost quickly. I use a lawnmower.

Building The Pile: Layer the brows and greens or better yet mix it all together. Water each layer as you build the pile so that the materials are moist like a sponge but not soggy. For best results make your pile 3 foot high and wide.

Composting Time: Turn the pile weekly until the temperature drops below 100°F - usually about 4 to 6 weeks.

Sifting The Compost: Build a sifting box out of 2x4 lumber and 1/2" metal screen. Sift the compost before putting it in your garden!