How To Build Motorola DTR Flash Cable and Update Firmware

In this video I show you how to build a Motorola iden flash cable P/N NNTN6367A out of a standard NKN6559 USB DATA cable that can be purchased on eBay for under 10 dollars. You will also need a 12vdc power supply. The original Motorola flash cable is no longer made and pretty much impossible to find. I also show you how to flash update the firmware on your DTR radio as well. The process is the same for the DTR410, DTR550 and DTR650. You can read more about how to build the cable and download the software on the Check Check One Two Forums

The software can not be found on the Motorola website. The regular serial programming cable is Motorola P/N 0105950U15. Let me know if you have any questions and hopefully this video will help someone out.

Purchase a DTR 550 here
Purchase a NKN6559 data cable here
Purchase a 12vdc power supply here
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