10 Warning Signs to Look Out For When Booking an Airbnb

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Long gone are the days of staying in cookie-cutter hotels that charge an arm and a leg per night. Thanks to Airbnb, you can now book a beautiful villa in Italy that will make you feel like a real Italian. But before you bust out your credit card and book the first Airbnb that piques your interest, you need to watch this video. Since Airbnb relies on the honesty and transparency of hosts and guests alike, there is a lot that can go wrong with your Airbnb booking. While the majority of hosts are great, scammers and lousy hosts sometimes do slip through the cracks. It might sound like a great idea to pay your host directly so that you can save on those pesky Airbnb fees, but doing so will make you lose out on the protection that Airbnb offers. Plus, you'll never believe the website scam that even the most tech-savvy people are falling for.

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