Season 1, Episode 34: New pallets and DIY cooler box promo

Neighbor Jim from East Coast Upcyclers is always on the lookout for pallets. Jim brings Jason his latest finds and announces a new video coming soon for a DIY cooler box.

If you’ve ever bought or found something with the intent of giving it a new life, you have upcycled. East Coast Upcyclers shares your passion for giving new life to old things! In 2014 a group of upcyclers along the East Coast joined forces to pair their DIY experiences with tips on where to source, build, buy and sell upcycled. They spend their time pickin’ for junk (treasure) and have a blast upcycling it into funky or functional creations that anyone can do while documenting the process! Subscribe to their blog at or follow them on facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, instagram or home talk. Who knows you may just learn something or catch the upcycling bug!