CLEVER WAY to remove Rusted ROTOR!! Mazda 3 ROTOR & Brake Pad Replacement√ Fix it Angel

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Front brake pads and rotors replacement on a 2011 Mazda 3

Front Brake Pads:
Front Brake Rotor:
Hydraulic Jack
Jack Stands
wheel Chocks
32 ounce Ball Pein Hammer:
1/2" Drive Metric Socket set:
Anti-Seize Grease:
Wire Brush
Channel Locks:
Silicone Paste:
1/2" Ratchet, Flex Head, 24 inch long:
3/8" Drive Metric Hex Bit Socket Set :
ScrewDriver Set
GoPro Session 4

I had a very difficult time removing the rotor because on the side where it mounts to the hub, it was RUSTED!!

I tried hitting it out with a hammer but it wouldn't budge. That lasted 30 minutes.
Then I used a long bolt to push the rotor outward. It worked!! Watch the video to see how I did it.

From a subscriber experience that left me a comment:

Addison Elliott wrote:
I came back to comment on this post because this trick is what saved me. I was working on a 2009 Mazda 3 front brakes, similar to this guy. I had tried the hammer approach, heating the hub, PB blaster and letting it sit with no avail. I thought I was going to get it when I did a gear puller on it but it ended up BREAKING THE ROTOR.

That's when I knew that I didn't think the hammer and heat method was going to work. I bought some grade 8 bolts, washers and nuts. The only issue is that I had to tap the threads on the bolt farther since they only come like an 1" deep. After that, I used an impact like the video showed and it worked a treat.

Good job!

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