How to make a Smoking Pipe in 8 simple steps

B.M.C Pipes

Pipe bowl made out of homegrown cherrywood.

I have bought most of my pipemaking stuff from


*Fibering dye (I used darkbrown and red)
*Tripoli polish
*White diamond polish
*Carnuba wax
*Buffingwheel kit


Step 1 : Find a nice place to calm your thoughts where you can figure out what design you pipe shall have
Step 2 : Draw the design on a peice of paper and glue it to your block of wood
Step 3 : saw off unessecary unnecessary wood
Step 4 : Drill out the tobacco chamber and stem holes.
Step 5 : Shape the pipe on a coarse grindingwheel. then fine sand it to desired.
Step 6 : Epoxy the ring to the pipe bowl
Step 7 : Stain the pipe. Darkbrown and red fibering dye
Step 8 : Polish and waxing

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