DIY $3 Towel Holder

How to build a DIY towel holder or towel drying rack, whatever you want to call it. Yep, that's simple and easy.

Storage issues in your bathroom? Yep, I feel you. 4 kids plus mom and dad make for a lot of towels to be dried. Those towel rods that most bathrooms come equiped with are always lacking, not just in space but in style points as well.

you don't need to spend a fortune to redecorate you bathroom.

You can use things that can be found anywhere or recycle
old materials. In my case I had some furring strips sitting on the floor of my garage for some time. Two of them became
today's project video.

Whether you choose this design or something else, just remember to be creative, have fun and add some character to whatever room
you decide to build for.

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