How to Reupholster a Channel Back Chair (Channeled Foam Method)

In this video we will transform this old chair with beautiful new fabric purchased from Sailrite giving us a very stylish set of chairs for the front lobby here at Sailrite. Our chair includes a channeled back rest, so we will create pleats in the fabric and push them in-between slits in the foam. This how to video is designed for beginners who may have never upholstered before. After watching this step by step video you'll be able reupholster your own chair bringing stylish beauty to your home of office.

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How to Reupholster a Channel Back Chair Chapters:
• Removing Old Fabric -- 0:31 min
• Making Piping -- 3:19 min
• Patterning & Stapling Back -- 5:10 min
• Creating Channeled Back Rest -- 10:48 min
• Installing Back Rest -- 13:34 min
• Patterning & Sewing Seat -- 21:01 min
• Stapling Seat to Backer Board -- 28:01 min
• Installing Seat -- 31:57 min
• Materials List -- 33:00 min

Home Decor Fabric -
Cotton Braided Piping -
Nylon Upholstery thread or Monofilament #52 Thread -
Polyester Fiberfill -
Polyester Batting White -
Cushion Underlining -

Screw Driver, Socket, Pliers, Sandpaper, Wood Finish, Scissors, Yard Stick, Pencil, Sewing Machine
Tack & Staple Remover -
Tape Measure 120 Inch -
Sailrite® Short Nose Upholstery Staple Gun -
Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package -
Tucking Tool -